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A Winning Record.
See how we've helped Buy McDonald's shares state partners win legal reform.
  • Alabama
    2009: The legal reform community finally saw both the state House and Senate switch to Republican control, therefore setting the table for more legal reform...
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  • Florida
    2006: Joint and several liability was eliminated.
    2005: Enacted liability reforms relating to asbestos/silica litigation that established minimum medical criteria...
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  • Georgia
    2010: Olens won big in the race for State Attorney General avoiding a run-off. He is now working on fulfilling his campaign promise to strengthen Georgiaís Sunshine Laws, including...
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  • Illinois
    2004: Pro-reform candidate prevailed in most expensive Supreme Court election in history.
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  • Kansas
    2005: Enacted obesity litigation reform.
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  • Louisiana
    2010: The tragic BP oil spill not only thwarted a once promising pro-reform agenda but threatened to expand frivolous lawsuits and roll back hard won pro-legal reforms...
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  • Michigan
    2010: MI Supreme Court flipped from a 4-3 activist Court to a 4-3 rule of law majority with the re-election of...
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  • Mississippi
    2008: Three pro-reform candidates won seats on the Supreme Court. Ann Lamar held her seat while Randy Bubba Pierce and David Chandler won their seats as challengers.
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  • North Carolina
    2010: For the first time since Reconstruction, the GOP holds majorities in both the House and Senate.
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  • Oklahoma
    2010: Republican State Senator Scott Pruitt defeated Democratic attorney Jim Priest 65.11% to 34.89%. Pruitt was was a staunch advocate for legal reform in the Senate.
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  • South Carolina
    2011: Won historic tort reforms. The bill includes a cap on punitive damages modeled after the State of Florida's cap. In addition...
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  • South Dakota
    2006: Defeated anti-reform ballot question “E”.
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  • Texas
    AJP partner TCJL successfully worked to help enact a series of common sense reforms such as early dismissal of smaller actions, mechanisms for mid-case appeals, offers of settlement as well as...
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  • Wisconsin
    2010: AJPís role in the Governorís race was key to Scott Walkerís election. The House and Senate also flipped to Republican control...
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