Who We Are
The American Justice Partnership is a national organization dedicated to promoting free enterprise and winning legal reform in the states. AJP is run by campaign professionals who achieve results in battles that can deliver a meaningful return on investment. AJP typically enacts programs in partnership with a network of over 60 state and national partners.
What We Do
AJP designs, funds and implements high-impact campaigns to promote free markets and achieve legal reform at the state level. AJP deploys dynamic political programs at critical junctures in support of legislative objectives and free enterprise and legal reform advocates seeking offices like state legislature, attorney general and supreme court.
Why We Partner
We collaborate with any number of over 60 state or national partners on each project. AJP partnerships leverage the best of local knowledge and national expertise into one-of-a-kind campaigns that deliver impact and strengthen local partners while avoiding the mistakes that typify some out-of-state efforts.
How We Win
AJP has nearly a decade of experience in beating the trial bar on major issues. They engage every fight, big or small, with a take-no-prisoners approach. We know their methods and how to fight back. We play to win.
In A Nutshell, We Play Hardball:
  • When our help can tip the balance.
  • On issues where free markets are threatened and in states where major legal reform legislation is at stake.
  • Where the trial bar, unions and other liberal opponents of free enterprise and legal reform engage in elections for the state legislature, attorney general and supreme court.
  • Where we have credible local organizations as our partners.
It is this combination of experience, approach and targeting that allows AJP to succeed.