Absurdity In Motion
Can you believe how many ridiculous lawsuits get a day in court and the extreme lengths business owners are forced to go to protect themselves from greedy lawyers? Should we laugh at the absurdity - or shed a tear at the cost? Check out the links below and decide for yourself.
Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Sometimes after hearing about so many scam lawsuits you need some comic relief. Here are a few of our favorites.
Weird Al Yankovic - I’ll Sue Ya
Weird Al Yankovic pulls no punches as he takes aim at frivolous lawsuits.
Craig Ferguson
The broken legal system leaves The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson fed-up and funny.
Damage Control Comedy Crew
The Crew takes aim at our lawsuit happy culture with the "Sue Somebody Home Kit."
Sad But True
While we joke about absurd lawsuits, unfortunately the reality is no laughing matter. If we don’t take action, greedy trial lawyers will destroy America’s hardworking
small business owners like those in these video clips. These clips were produced by SickofLawsuits.org please visit their website to join their grassroots army in
fighting lawsuit abuse.
Joe Olear
Insurance to protect his bowling alley against frivolous lawsuits costs a fortune.
Patrick Rosacker
A 50-year-old business suffers from allocating resources to fight greedy trial lawyers.
Michael Palmer
An impractical paper towel dispenser lawsuit
threatens this man’s auto repair shop.