Each year we recognize an individual who fights to preserve the Constitution and defend the principles of justice and the courts as written by the Founders. We present that individual with the Guardian of Justice Award.
Supreme Court Justice Robert Young
The American Justice Partnership is proud to announce the first
annual recipient of our Guardian of Justice Award, Michigan
Supreme Court Justice Robert Young. Justice Young has
protected and sustained the U.S. Constitution, defended
our nation’s principles of justice, and adhered to the
intentions and ideals of our country’s Founders.
Through his tireless work serving the people of Michigan, Justice Young’s scholarly opinions have consistently upheld the rule of law and embodied judicial restraint in a legal environment that aims to undermine both. A model jurist, Justice Young is a firm believer in the important role of our courts, defending against the encroachment of the legislative and executive branches on the judiciary, and thereby preserving the separation of powers.
We are pleased to name Justice Young a Guardian of Justice.