Setting A Standard
Free enterprise is facing unprecedented challenges while at the same time America's legal system is a maze of contradictory rules that differ in nearly every state. Businesses may face a predictable and reasonable system in one state but unfairness and uncertainty in another.
These threats and uncertainties hinders job creation, increases costs for consumers and makes it harder to earn a fair profit. The current system hurts workers, employers, consumers and even legitimate victims. The only winners are predatory trial lawyers who manipulate the system to their own personal ends. AJP is fighting that.
The American Justice Partnership works to promote free enterprise and improve the fairness and predictability of the legal environment at the state level.
Achieving our goals
  • AJP creates an environment in which entrepreneurs can thrive and legal reform champions can be elected to high offices like governor, legislature, attorney general and state supreme court.
  • AJP enacts and protects state legislation that encourages free enterprise and increases fairness and predictability often resulting in more reasonable litigation costs and awards and an improved jobs environment by limiting the abusive lawsuits brought by the trial bar.
  • AJP fights lawsuit abuse and jackpot justice by opposing bad laws, bad judges and bad lawyers.