Wacky, Tacky & Looney
Can you believe how many ridiculous lawsuits get a day in court and the extreme lengths business owners are forced to go to protect themselves from greedy lawyers? What about the tacky trial lawyers who file these suits? Should we laugh at the absurdity – or shed a tear at the cost of the craziness? Check out the links below and decide for yourself:
What happened to common sense? Companies have been forced to put seemingly obvious warnings on their products because of outrageous lawsuits. Follow Bob Dorigo Jones as he searches for the wackiest warning labels. MORE
Some things must be seen to be believed. Check out some of the tackiest trial lawyer ads ever made at Steve Yaccino's Esquire.com blog. They may look like Saturday Night Live parodies but sadly they're real! They may make you chuckle but their impact on our lawsuit crazy culture is no laughing matter. MORE
It never ceases to amaze us how many outlandish lawsuits have their day in court. Trial lawyers think they can sue business owners for everything. Amuse yourself with
these looney cases. MORE