AJP is unique among the leading legal reform organizations.
AJP welcomes active engagement from supporters and partners. We not only regularly seek their input, but we act on it. They help us identify priority projects that can improve the bottom line of fixing broken courts.
AJP is run by senior campaign professionals with decades of experience in high stakes winner-take-all battles. They have run campaigns for president, governor, senate, state supreme court and dozens of high profile issue efforts. AJP delivers a meaningful return on investment with clearly defined metrics.
AJP is an extremely low overhead operation that is free of expensive bureaucracy with limited bricks and mortar. We put resources into high impact programs in the states where they can do the most good.
The AJP partnership model has succeeded because we can quickly fill the gaps that often undermine efforts against a dynamic opponent like the trial bar. We have no pride of authorship. When it makes sense, we take the lead; when it doesn’t, we provide critical support. We excel at assessing each opportunity to find the right approach.